Why Solasta ?

Solasta: meaning luminous or shining in Scottish Gaelic.

In honor of my Scottish heritage as well as the desire in my heart to help shine a light, especially in the dark times of a breakup or divorce, I chose Solasta for the name of my business…my passion. My intention in creating Solasta is to help people like me navigate the experience of heartbreak through a transformational process of awareness, healing, and growth that will serve you for the rest of your life. Allow me the honor of guiding you out of the darkness of heartbreak and into the brilliant light of the life and love you truly desire.

My Story

Many of us have experienced traumatic events even at the earliest of ages. As a child, I experienced things no young girl should have to endure. I carried the pain from my childhood in silence, smiling through the agony. Feeling deeply insecure and inadequate, I discovered very early on that love must be earned and learned how to self-sacrifice in order to please others. I allowed my boundaries to be repeatedly and callously ignored because I was afraid I would be left alone if I spoke up. I became disconnected from my own feelings and needs, abandoning myself and my dreams somewhere along the way. Don’t worry, though, my story doesn’t end here.

After spending years searching for love in all the wrong places, I left an abusive relationship becoming an unwed mother at age 23. As a profoundly wounded, insecure, and anxious young woman, I continued to lose myself in relationships where I felt disrespected and powerless. By the time I was 46, I had two failed marriages. After my second divorce, I set out on a mission to find out why I kept choosing the same type of men, when I came across Conscious Uncoupling. What I discovered was more empowering than I could have imagined. Working through the steps of the process, I identified and took responsibility for the part I played in my prior destructive partnerships. Notice I said, “for the part I played”. There is no excuse for abuse in a relationship! However, by lovingly accepting my part in teaching others how to treat me, I then became empowered to create the life and love I was worthy of. I am now in a loving, supportive, and mutually respectful relationship, and life is a beautiful adventure!

Do you find yourself in abusive, unbalanced relationships where you’re scared to use your voice and avoid asking for what you need? Do you lose yourself in others? Do you have low self-worth and feel the need to please others to earn their love? Have you ever felt unworthy of love and respect? Do you find yourself making excuses for your partner’s bad behavior? Do you repeatedly choose the same type of unhealthy partner?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I know how you feel. As a certified Conscious Uncoupling coach and Jay Shetty certified life coach, I can help you navigate the heartbreak, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and guide you to build new patterns of behavior. If you’d like to create a life where you show up as authentic, powerful, and more than enough, I encourage you to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with me.

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